Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Dive Bars of America: The Frog Bar (Ocean City, MD)

I've been branching out lately in my dive bar consumption, so it makes sense to review the best I've been to in America. I returned from Ocean City, Maryland this week and hit many, many great bars. They all have happy hours at different times of the day and some even do happy hour ALL day. It's a booze Mecca!!!

See that bar right there? I drank there.

Before I delve into the top dive bar, here's some other bars that need a mention:

1) Mother's Cantina 2810 Philadelphia Ave: Legit, the BEST Mexican food I've ever had. The double decker tacos are outrageously good as is their queso dip. I never miss this place when I visit.

2) Seacrets 117 49th Street: The closest you'll get to island living in this awesome beach community. It's pure bedlam in this massive party complex and a cool place to try to stay sober all day (not possible).

3) Macky's Bayside Bar & Grill 5311 Coastal Hwy: Also located right on the water, Macky's has a bit of a more laid back vibe than Seacrets. Their giant buckets (BUCKETS) of booze guarantee a good time. And a hangover.

All those places aren't really dive bars. Purely my recommended booze spots when in OC. For my liking, the dive bar du jour is....

The Frog Bar
806 S Atlantic Ave
Ocean City, MD 21842

Frog Bar is a tiny bar, with nary a spot for your portly friends. Located right at the beginning of OC's historic (and long) Boardwalk, it's got an awesome view of the inlet so you can watch sober people jog near the beach. Losers.

FUN FACTOR: There's not much to do in this tiny spot. They have an outside deck too, but again, not much happening. Your fun definitely depends on the crowd you show up with. With the crew I was with, the fun was in no short supply. Bring a buncha idiots and you're all set at this place.

Two handlebar mustaches

CAST OF REGULARS: I gotta recuse myself from voting on this category for two reasons.
1. I wasn't there that long
2. I was drunk (this was the 9th or 10th bar of the day)

Forgive me Frog Bar regulars. We shall meet someday.....


BEER CHOICES: Nothing special here for exotic beer drinkers. Your typical domestic bottles and drafts. The two standards of OC are Natty Light cans ($1.75 all day here) and National Bohemian, or Natty Boh as the locals call it. It's a decent cheap beer. They also have Froggy Hour from 8pm to 9pm every night with $1.00 Miller Light Drafts or $5.00 Miller Light pitchers. YES PLEASE. Not a beer drinker? Frog Bar offers freshly squeezed Orange Crushes for only $5. That's OC's specialized drink with a magical mixture of delicious boozes to get you hammered.


OVERALL: I really enjoyed my time at Frog Bar. Loved the green decor, stuffed with frogs in every nook and cranny. Loved the cheap booze. It's just lacking a little something in terms of entertainment value. Don't let that keep you away though. It's a great spot to pop a few Boh's and drink the day away.


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