Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Landon's WWE Battleground Real-Time Thoughts

by Landon Wayne

Battleground served as a staging point for what might be a coming change in the WWE. There was a series of interesting signs this past Sunday pointing towards good directions that could pull the company put of the slump it’s been going through. With the exception of one match, all the matches were very good and accomplished everything they set out to do. With that in mind, here are my caffeinated, overworked, mostly coherent bullet points on Battleground 2016

Sasha and Bayley defeating Charlotte and Dana Brooke

-Bayley was a great surprise for this tag match and made perfect sense.

-The commentators made damn sure to let us know that, yes, this was only one night for Bayley. She needs more time in NXT apparently. Needs to watch them Carmella tapes and work harder.

-The match consisted of two heel beatdowns and two hot tags. Both faces looked good and the mainstream audience knew most if not all of Bayley’s stuff. But still, not ready for RAW.

-Good match, great opener.

The New Day vs. The Wyatts

-Why the hell is Strowman being separated from the other Wyatts? My theory is that he was supposed to be on Smackdown, and they botched it on the special, and now they’re rolling with it.

-I can’t tell if the hype video was awesome or weird. I think the answer is yes.

-Match was good, I went to make nachos for most of it. Came back and Xavier delivered the heaviest-looking superkick I’ve ever seen.

-Wyatts won. Big E. has yet to die from his spear spot. I give it till the Royal Rumble.

Rusev successfully defended the title against Zack Ryder

-I demand Ryder wear what he wore this night every night. Or sell it to me.

-After what Lana wore at Smackdown Live, this Anastasia getup was a downgrade.

-Zack looked really good, and in turn made Rusev look good in the process.

-Rusev’s victory here settled what would happen in the Young/Miz match.

Sami Zayn beat Kevin Owens, stealing the show

-This was a great damn match, with a fantastic story.

-I almost shit my pants twice, once when Sami almost died from his rope rebounding spot, then again when Kevin landed on his head from the Brainbuster on the ring apron.

-The ending was cinematic as hell and I loved it. If you’ve not seen it, I refuse to spoil the ending here.

-Go watch this match.

Natalya made Becky Lynch tap out

-It was a solid match. Perhaps top five women’s matches this year.

-Becky is an ok face, Natalya a really good heel.

-Becky was in the Sharpshooter for an extended time, made her out to be a bad-Lass.

-This feud should end at Summerslam, with some kind of gimmick.

The Miz clusterfucked his way to keeping the title against Darren Young

-The fuck was this match? Good, but ruined by the finish is the answer.

-The work in the ring was solid before the finish saw both men…DQd? Counted out?

-Darren Young, number-one contender for the IC title, was a 9th round draft pick.

-Backland took a full back bump for a slap. Only worthwhile part of this match.

John Cena, Enzo and Cass defeated The Club

-The focus was Cena and AJ having the second part of their series, with legal interference and snack breaks.

-I can’t wait for Big Cass to break out as a singles star.

-I can smell the burning rubber from the Gallows and Anderson’s wheel spinning.

-Super Oh My God Second rope AA puts AJ Styles away in what was an enjoyable match

Dean Ambrose kept the belt from both of his former SHIELD mates

-A main event more than two years in the making. Fun fact I used to be an admin on a SHIELD Facebook page.

-Seth and Dean worked together to murder Roman with a powerbomb through an announce table for an awesome reaction.

-Parade of finishers and counters at the end led to Dean landing the Dirty Deeds for the pin on…the one with the long hair who’s on RAW.

-Lived up to the two years of expectations.

GOD this was a good PPV, after a drought of average to poor monthly events. Now we get to sit back and see what events lead us to Summerslam.

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