Monday, June 18, 2018

A Bald Guy Walks Into a Bar: The Cottage Bar & Restaurant (Weymouth, MA)

Welcome to a new feature here at, A Bald Guy Walks Into a Bar, where I visit a local watering hole I WOULD be caught dead in, and tell y'all what I thought of the food & drink, the atmosphere, and the special attractions if any.

Today's subject is a recent addition to Weymouth, MA, an Irish-style pub called The Cottage, which offers tons of comfort food favorites, a modest lineup of draft and bottled beer (plus wine, and the hard stuff I'm too much of a puss to drink), and a rotating event calendar that includes live music, open mic nights, and Stump Trivia.

26 Union St.
Weymouth, MA 02190 


Right as you walk in it's clear this is a relaxed, care-free environment, with ample bar seating and plenty of tables.  As it's inspired by classic Irish pubs, there's a very basic decor and the walls are covered with Irish art, photos and tchotchkes.  Nothing fancy going on here, and that's what I want in an Irish drinking establishment.  We sat at the bar (where the stools were solidly comfy) and our bartender was friendly and accomodating.  No complaints here.

Rating: 3 Baldies out of 4


Good comfort food is a thing of beauty, and The Cottage has some pretty fantastic eats at cheapo prices.  I ordered the Irish Beef Stew, a traditional stew topped with mashed potatoes (sweet Jeezus that's a genius idea).  This stuff was tasty as all hell and even more filling.  My wife Kelly had a Cobb Salad topped with steak tips, and these things were unreal.  Tender, firegrilled hunks of red meat.  I'm ordering a plate of those next visit.  Our two entrees combined ran us $31.  Hard to beat that unless you're at some shithouse like Applebee's.

Rating: 4 Baldies out of 4 


The beer selection here could be more robust - they have the basics (your Buds, your Coors, your Sams, and a rotating IPA) plus Angry Orchard cider on tap.  I'd like to see them branch out to include more local breweries but if you're in the mood for the usual fare they've got you covered.  But one thing they have over comparable venues is their Guinness.  I've never had Guinness over in Ireland but from what I understand it's very different from the bland, watery stuff you usually get in the States.  But The Cottage's Guinness is somehow bolder and more flavorful, with notes of chocolate and caramel permeating the more full-bodied texture.  I dunno where they get it or why theirs is superior to everyone else's, but this is the best Guinness I've ever had.  So while the beer selection is probably a 2 out of 4, the delicious Guinness they're peddling adds a point.

Rating: 3 Baldies out of 4

Special Attractions: Trivia

The Cottage has different extracurricular activities depending on what night you go, but we went specifically to enjoy some Stump Trivia.  The top two teams go home with Cottage gift cards, so if your brain is chock full of useless knowledge like mine, it's worth taking the shot.  The Stump host was quite professional and friendly, and even threw in a third final question when some yahoo shouted out the answer to the second.  We had a good showing but ultimately finished third out of ten teams.  Goddammit.  Anyway, the trivia here is your usual solid Stump Trivia format.

Rating: 3 Baldies out of 4


The Cottage is a fine establishment I plan on visiting again.  Between the uniquely tasty Guinness, the trivia and live music options, and the excellent Irish pub food, you really can't go wrong.  Check it out, kids...

Final Rating: 3 Baldies

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