Monday, June 10, 2019

Brewery Reviewery: Foundation Brewing Company (Portland, ME)

Stop #4 on our Portland, Maine brewery tour brings us to Foundation Brewing Company, also located on Industrial Way, across from Allagash.  Foundation shares walls with Battery Steele and Austin Street, in a building I like to call The Beermuda Triangle (trademark pending).

1 Industrial Way #5
Portland, ME 04103

Like its neighbors, Foundation is nestled in a modest warehouse space, but they make the most of it, with a bright, lively atmosphere, plenty of seating and shelves of board games to keep you occupied while you enjoy some lovely flavor.  You can either peruse their wide-ranging, ample selection with flights or treat yourself to full pours, or pick up some to-go cans.  We went with the flight option so as to get four samples, but there were no fewer than ten options on offer (our dinner reservations downtown sadly wouldn't permit a second flight).

Here's what we came up with...

Dreamboat (NEIPA, 6.6%): Dreamboat is a New England IPA featuring Columbus and Eureka! hops. Our first IPA brewed with an American Ale yeast. Dreamboat pours a golden yellow with a pronounced haze. The soft mouthfeel is like floating on clouds, with no bitterness and flavors of pineapple and resin, with a dank backbone. First served in the tasting room on draft in December 2018.

JB: This here is a smooth NEIPA, citrusy with that pleasant dankness to give it some real complexity.  Probably my favorite of the bunch.

Mindstorm (NEIPA, 6.4%): Mindstorm unleashes the flavors of hops to create a saturated, swirling presence. Brewed with 100% late hop additions in the kettle, and then dry hopped, the simple grist provides an easy backdrop on which the flavors of the hops can flow and mingle.

JB: Another NEIPA but with a hint of pilsner flavor.  Pretty crisp and refreshing while still boasting that NEIPA juiciness.

Bedrock (Porter, 6.7%): Bedrock is our favorite kind of porter – rich, bold, and dark. This is the beer we want to drink with friends on cooler days and nights with hearty fare. Roasted flavors of coffee and chocolate are tempered by subtle hints of caramel. Finishing rich but balanced, Bedrock will bring satisfaction from the first sip, but encourages you to enjoy another, just to make sure.

JB: This is deep and rich but surprisingly light-bodied for a porter; not quite sessionable but you could easily enjoy a couple of these in a sitting.  I got strong notes of vanilla and coffee, for a really smooth taste.

Eye of the Beholder (IPA, 6.2%): Eye of the Beholder is a collaboration with DSSOLVR out of Asheville, NC. An India Pale Ale with notes of orange, melon, Teddy Grahams, and pine.

JB: Here's a plain old IPA that has a really balanced flavor, with the sweetness and natural bitterness agreeing to a cease-fire.  This one almost drinks like a lager.

Foundation Brewing is yet another strong recommendation to add to your Portland itinerary.  The atmosphere is fun and energetic and the beers are varied and delicious.  We're living in a golden age of fantastic beers....

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