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Winery Outlinery: Broken Creek Vineyards (Shrewsbury, MA)

Welcome to a brand new feature here at, Winery Outlinery (sister series of Brewery Reviewery)!  Yeah that's right, I'm branching out into wine reviews.  Thanks to Adam from I've been drinking and discussing a lot of wine lately, so let's give this a go.  Hopefully I won't come off as a wine amateur....

Broken Creek Vineyard
​​614 South St 
Shrewsbury, Ma 01545

This past weekend my family and I traipsed out to Worcester to see my mother sing at the Worcester Jazz Festival, and on the way home we drove through the Shrewsbury, MA neighborhood where I grew up.  Right down the street from our old house there just happens to be a young little winery called Broken Creed Vineyard.  Launched in late 2015 by Eric Preusse, Broken Creek is a small boutique vineyard offering an eclectic variety of reds, whites, and a few special editions, all of which have big, bold flavor and a ton of character.  Of all the wineries I've visited, Broken Creek has perhaps the most memorable roster of wines; each one is an unusual take on its respective varietal and they stick with you after you've left.  Tastings are $10 for five one-ounce pours and you get to keep your branded wine glass - that there is a bargain.  Broken Creek also books private events in their welcoming, rustic tasting room.

So let's dive in and talk about some wine, shall we?

Riesling: A dry white wine made with grapes sourced from California.  This wine has notes of nectarine and pineapple. ​

JB: My wife and I got into Rieslings a decade ago during a visit to the Finger Lakes (Riesling country), so I'm always on the lookout for a good dry one.  This fit the bill nicely; light and dry with just a hint of citrus.  The Riesling was my favorite of the whites and I picked up a bottle to go.

Chardonnay: This is a well balanced white wine with flavors of green apple, citrus and hints of vanilla.​

JB: Generally my favorite white varietal is an oaky, buttery Chardonnay.  Broken Creek's version is unoaked, drier than a typical Chard, with just a bit of fruitiness.  I liked this one too but preferred the Riesling. 

Vidal Blanc: Dry Estate grown white wine with zesty finish. Notes of green apple.

JB: This one was very different, a super tart white with strong sour apple notes.  Vidal Blanc is so bold I'm not sure I could drink a whole bottle of it, but you have to respect how unapologetic it is.  Vidal Blanc regrets nothing!

Rose: This is a watermelon-colored wine from Pinotage grapes sourced from South Africa.  It has notes of watermelon, dark cherry, strawberry and just a hint of lavender.

JB: Broken Creek's rose is unlike any I've tasted before, dry but simultaneously fruity and juicy, with delicate watermelon and strawberry notes and a grapefruit nose.  This one will make your mouth water.  The rose was a strong contender for a bottle purchase.

Maddie’s Rescue Red: A blend of our own Marquette grapes along with Merlot and Syrah grapes sourced from California.  This is a fruit-forward red wine with blackberry, spice, and dark cherry notes. Named after our own rescue dog Maddie, we will be donating $1.00 from each bottle sold to the Worcester Animal Rescue League.

JB: Moving on to the reds, Maddie's Rescue is rich and flavorful, with strong berry notes and a tinge of sweetness.

Marquette: Our own estate grown Marquette grapes. This light fruity red is a descendant of Pinot Noir.

JB: I think this was my favorite of the visit.  The Marquette opens up instantly like a good Pinot, but blasts your palette with bourbony caramel notes.  This one is unique and toothsome; if I'm running the place I'm making this the flagship wine.

Malbec: A medium-body red wine made with grapes sourced from Chile, with notes of cherry, plum, and a peppery finish. ​

JB: Another contender for Wine of the Day, the Malbec is a little tart, performing a balancing act of dry, sweet and spicy, each element subtle enough not to overpower the rest.

Vino Tinto: A blend of Carmenere grapes from Chile and Merlot grapes from California. This wine is a supple, dry crimson colored wine with soft tannins, black raspberry, cherry, and a hint of oak.

JB: The Vino Tinto has an earthy bouquet, while just a little oaky to the taste and finishing very slightly sour.  Another unusual mix of flavors combining for a unique overall taste.

Broken Creek Vineyards is just beginning to ship to nearby retail locations, but if you're in the Shrewsbury area, definitely pay them a visit.  Their wines just unabashedly announce themselves and are all so different from each other and other comparable varietals, you'll find something unforgettable and worth taking home.  I myself picked up a bottle of the Riesling, the Marquette and the Malbec and can't wait to crack them open.

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