Thursday, October 3, 2019

WWE Hell in a Cell Preview & Predictions....For Three Matches

Umm, so there's still a Hell in a Cell PPV in three days, right?  Like, we're still expected to want to tune in and watch this show despite only three matches having been announced and almost all the RAW and Smackdown hype going toward Fox and Crown Jewel, right? 

I mean I'm actually interested in the three matches we know about, but would it have been that hard to announce two or three more over the course of this week?  Christ, another company starts up and Vince just forgets everything else.  RATINGS, people!  We need RATINGS!  Nah, screw the PPV!  Hey Vince, remember the last time you threw together a PPV the day of?

So, I guess I'll do predictions for the three matches we have, and speculate on a fourth.

Probable WWE Championship Rematch: Brock Lesnar vs. Kofi Kingston

Brock vs. Kofi is taking place on Smackdown, and I can't imagine Vince would book this unless he intended for Brock to win the WWE Title again.  Brock will win in a dominant performance, they'll anounce a rematch at the PPV and Brock will retain.  It'll be short and basic, and Kofi will just be one of the guys again.  Sigh....

Pick: Brock retains

Roman Reigns & Daniel Bryan vs. Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

Jesus fuckin' Christ.  Remember how this whole "Who attacked Roman" storyline was meant to set up Roman vs. Bryan?  First at SummerSlam, then Vince decided that was too soon so he dragged it out and left both guys off that show.  Then he changed his mind and had Rowan turn on Bryan and just be the mastermind the whole time.  Then he decided to have Bryan run to Roman's aid and now they're pals.  This is like a combination of "Who Ran Over Austin" and the Sasha-Bayley Non-Feud of 2018.  Fuck, why does anyone bother following along with WWE's angles from week to week when Vince himself can't seem to recall where he left off?  Anyway, this match should be good and should have a big-time feel.  It's nice that Daniel Bryan is finally getting another fucking PPV match after like four months.  He's only one of your biggest stars.  I'm a little pissed he's already a babyface again though, his heel character was awesome.  Maybe it's all a scam and he'll turn on Roman and reveal Harper and Rowan are both his henchmen.  That would be ideal.  But I dunno if Vince is smart enough to do it that way.  Plus Rowan's beaten both of them in singles matches now, so if Bryan were working Reigns he's been taking multiple asskickings from Rowan to get there.  I'll pick the good guys to win.

Pick: Reigns & Bryan

Hell in a Cell RAW Women's Championship: Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks

These two had a really good match last month but with no finish.  This should be all of that and better, as the gimmick more or less requires a definitive ending.  Banks and Charlotte made history three years ago with the first-ever women's Cell match, but that was marred by an awkward third act.  Hopefully this match will be tighter, crisper and a bit shorter, and will be the first women's Cell to really deliver.  Sasha basically has to win here.  It's her time to have a killer heel title run, and Becky can chase her until 'Mania.

Pick: Sasha wins the belt

Hell in a Cell Universal Championship: Seth Rollins vs. Bray Wyatt

The company really painted themselves into a corner with Wyatt.  They made him so fearsome and dominant he can't lose anytime soon, but also hotshotted him into a title match after only two months of in-ring activity as The Fiend.  Having him lose here would grind his momentum to a halt like 2014 Bray Wyatt.  Or 2015 Bray Wyatt.  So he needs to win the title and keep it till 'Mania.  The match should be good; they'll have enough bells and whistles to mask Wyatt's in-ring limitations and Seth will bump for him like a madman.  I'm hoping this will resemble Shawn vs. Mankind.  If that happens we're looking at a good main event.

Pick: The Fiend

And that's all I got, because that's all THEY got.  Morons.  Anyway, if the undercard is at least decent this should be a solid show.  The three big matches all have good potential and we'll undoubtedly see a shakeup.  Remember when Vince didn't let his product go into chaos when faced with a challenge?  Good times....

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