Tuesday, July 12, 2022

AEW Fyter Fest 2022, Week 1 Preview & Predictions

It's July and you know what that means.....

That's right, it's time for AEW's annual Fyter Fest episodes of Dynamite!  Week 1 has a solid lineup with two championship matches plus a non-title match featuring the Interim AEW Champ, and a certified hoss fight between two former tag team partners, while Rampage has an ROH Title match and a potential tag classic.  Let's take a gander at Fyter Fest 2022, Week 1.....

Serena Deeb vs. Anna Jay

This match is here to help build Serena's upcoming ROH Title match on July 23rd.  Anna will put up a fight but ultimately Deeb will twist her into pretzels and get some momentum heading into Lowell, MA.

Pick: Serena

Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jake Hager

This should be pretty great.  Claudio is a force of nature and Hager is a legit badass.  Everyone claiming AEW is just spotfest wrestling should watch this one and shut their cake hole.  Rugged, stiff powerhouse wrestling at its finest.  Claudio is obviously winning since he just arrived.

Pick: Claudio

Non-Title Match: Jon Moxley vs. Konosuke Takeshita

I'm really looking forward to this.  Takeshita is straight-up awesome and he's only 26 years old.  His match with Hangman Page was the balls, and I expect nothing less against Moxley.  I don't see Takeshita getting a win over the Interim Champion but he'll earn his stripes and maybe Blackpool Combat Club will offer him a spot in the group as a result.  I wouldn't be sad about that.

Pick: Mox

TNT Championship: Wardlow vs. Orange Cassidy

Very excited that Wardlow finally has some AEW gold.  Push this dude to the moon - he's pure money.  I wonder when MJF will be back on the show, and if he'll continue feuding with Wardlow now that the ex-bodyguard beat him to a championship.  Or are they saving MJF for Punk's return?  Either way, Wardlow needs a really hot feud to continue his momentum.  Cassidy should provide a fun match but I don't see it going very long.  Wardlow will dominate, and then hopefully some angle will take place to ignite a really strong new Wardlow program.

Pick: Wardlow retains

AEW Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks vs. Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland vs. Ricky Starks & Powerhouse Hobbs

I'm not sure why Tony Khan seems to love three-way tag title matches so much, but this is the fourth one he's booked in recent months (the ladder match of course ended up only being two-on-two thanks to Jeff Hardy being sent home).  Anyway, these matches are always a ton of fun, particularly when the Bucks are involved.  I'm guessing Lee and Swerve will end up splitting here - maybe Swerve joins Team Taz?  Side note: Hobbs needs a big singles push.  The Bucks ain't losing the belts anytime soon, as they're obviously on a collision course with FTR for all the straps.

Pick: Bucks retain

Rampage: Lucha Brothers vs. Private Party

Should be a helluva tag match full of wild action.  I think Lucha Bros win and something happens with Andrade and Rush.

Pick: Penta & Fenix

Rampage: ROH Championship: Jonathan Gresham vs. Lee Moriarty

Odd that Gresham doesn't have a match for Death Before Dishonor yet, but maybe an angle will take place here to set one up?  Anyway this should be a fine contest, albeit without suspense over the result; I don't see Moriarty winning the title here.

Pick: Gresham retains

This here is a nice Clash of the Champions-type lineup.  Enough star power to stand out from the average weekly show but not so much that they're giving away a PPV lineup for free.  I for one am excited.

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