Friday, February 13, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 1 - McMahon Region

Alright everyone, welcome to the 1st Annual Wrestling March Madness.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's not March yet, but since most of March will be occupied with WrestleMania-related columns I thought I'd kick this off early.  It's winter, it's snowing like fucking crazy in New England, and we all need a distraction.  So let's get to it.

I took 64 wrestlers (ahem, sports-entertainers) from various eras and seeded them appropriately (That sounds filthy), and then created brackets based on that.  See the full roster below:

There are four regional brackets: the McMahon Region, the Bischoff Region, the Crockett Region, and the Heyman Region.

Here's a graphic of the McMahon Region bracket:

And here's where you come in - vote below in the comments section, or on Facebook if you prefer (Like us at  I'll tally up the votes and announce the winners in the next column - keep your eyes peeled for the next round here at!

Round 1 - McMahon Region

Steve Austin (2) vs. Sid Vicious (15)

Dusty Rhodes (7) vs. Dolph Ziggler (10)

CM Punk (3) vs. Tito Santana (14)

Goldberg (6) vs. Big Show (11)

Edge (5) vs. Rob Van Dam (12)

Undertaker (4) vs. Scott Hall (13)

Eddie Guerrero (8) vs. Seth Rollins (9)

Hulk Hogan (1) vs. X-Pac (16)

Get votin' and look for the results on Monday 2/16!

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  1. Austin, Ziggler, Punk, Goldberg, Edge, Taker, Guerrero, Hogan