Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 1: Bischoff Region

Welcome back gang!  It's time for the next bracket in the first round of the Wrestling March Madness Tournament!

Thanks to all who voted in the first round (incidentally there were reports of issues with the Comments section, so I installed the Disqus comments app which should make it easier).  Alternatively you can vote on the Enuffa Facebook page, or on the page where you originally saw the link to the article.

McMahon Region Results

Steve Austin defeats Sid Vicious
Dolph Ziggler defeats Dusty Rhodes
CM Punk defeats Tito Santana
Big Show defeats Goldberg
Edge defeats Rob Van Dam
Undertaker defeats Scott Hall
Eddie Guerrero defeats Seth Rollins
Hulk Hogan defeats X-Pac

Now for the Bischoff Region:

Bischoff Region: Round 1
Kurt Angle (2) vs. Rusev (15)
Chris Benoit (7) vs. British Bulldog (10)
AJ Styles (6) vs. Bobby Roode (11)
The Rock (3) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (14)
Batista (5) vs. Yokozuna (12)
Daniel Bryan (4) vs. JBL (13)
Vader (8) vs. Rey Mysterio (9)
Bret Hart (1) vs. Shelton Benjamin (16)

You know what to do - vote in the Comments section below or on Facebook!  Check back on Wednesday for the next round!


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