Thursday, September 18, 2014

WWE Night of Champions Predictions!!!

Welcome to another edition of's PPV Predictions.  This Sunday is the annual Night of Champions PPV, and on paper it looks pretty solid.  Unfortunately the company has done literally nothing to excite anyone about any of the matches, with the possible exception of Cena vs. Lesnar.  There’s almost no storyline built around any of it.  RAW was a pretty abysmal go-home show and if anything made this PPV less exciting (particularly the Reigns-Rollins match since we got to see it for free).  Let's get after it, shall we?

Justin leads the predictions 32/44 over Dan's 29/44.

Monday, September 15, 2014

You Used to be Sooooo Good: Frank Miller

Welcome to another edition of You Used to Be Soooo Good, where Justin and I, Dan Moore, discuss things used to be awesome but now, eh, not so much. On this day we discuss one of the greatest, most important men to ever come down the chute to write and draw men in tights punching other men in tights in the facial regions.

Frank Miller:  You Used to Be Soooo Good
He just looks like a creep these days.
DAN: Mr. Miller is the highly influential creator of some of the greatest comic book opuses out there. He’s the master of Batman stories, and gave us this, one the most iconic images of Bats in comics history. 

My God.  Just look at it.

The man changed the comic world, taking it from the nerdy clich├ęs of the Simpsons comic book guy to becoming okay for the masses to enjoy them.