Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dumb Action Movie Reviews: Sabotage

Welcome to a new feature - Dumb Action Movie Reviews, wherein I, Daniel Moore, traverse the cinematic wonderland that is Netflix, You tube and various other websites looking for action movies removed from the mainstream that probably stink. The ratings are based on 1-4 Indiana Jones whips, as he's the premier action movie character ever and the whip is AWESOME.

Sabotage is a 2014 American crime action film, directed by David Ayer, written by Skip Woods and Ayer and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ayer wrote the academy award winning Training Day, so I had some hope for this flick. Woods wrote the non academy award winning Swordfish, so my hope was dashed a bit. But Arnold is fucking Arnold so eat a dick if you don't like him.

(Editor's note: What if we do like Arnold, can we still eat a dick?)

Even taking an old man selfie he's still awesome.

The movie is about a team of DEA agents led by Arnold who go a tad corrupt by ripping off a drug cartel. They then spend the rest of the movie swearing and getting bloody trying to figure out who then ripped them off from their ripped off drug money. Get it? Arnold's got some family tragedy in this and he plays it well as the downtrodden husband.  I love how we're at the point with Arnold that there's no explanation at all for his accent. It's just accepted that this Austrian sounding dude is here and in charge.

The movie was actually quite entertaining. The ensemble cast along with Arnold is quite good. Led by an unrecognizable Sam Worthington (Avatar) as his second in command,  along with Mireille Enos (The Killing) Terence Howard (one time War Machine) & Joe Manganiello (all I know him from is being inside Sofia Vergara, good work if you can get it), they all give good performances with the admittedly weak material. The plot gets quite ludicrous with a Buncha red herrings thrown around as Arnie tries to figure out who stole their stolen cash. But it's terrifically bloody and the action scenes are shot well.  None of the confusing jump cuts as seen in your usual action movies nowadays.

I really enjoyed this flick but it had some problems. It ran a little long. And the coda of the film felt it belonged in a completely different flick. The last 10 minutes don't match the rest of film at all. But Arnold was back to ass kicking Arnold which I enjoyed. And the rest of the cast were game for the action silliness, though the movie is played completely straight. There's nary a laugh to be had. It's a dark, vicious film. I'd recommend it if you're perusing netflix looking for some action one night.

I give SABOTAGE 2 out of 4 Indy whips.

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