Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 2: Bischoff Region

Welcome back to the Wrestling March Madness tournament!

We're still in the second round and we have the results from the McMahon Region:

Steve Austin defeats Dolph Ziggler
CM Punk defeats The Big Show
Undertaker defeats Edge
Hulk Hogan defeats Eddie Guerrero

Now let's take a look at the Bischoff bracket for Round 2:

Bischoff Region: Round 2

Kurt Angle (2) vs. British Bulldog (10)

AJ Styles (6) vs. The Rock (3)

Batista (5) vs. Daniel Bryan (4)

Rey Mysterio (9) vs. Bret Hart (1)

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 2: McMahon Region

Welcome back to the Wrestling March Madness tournament!

Before we kick off Round 2 let's take a look at the Heyman Region Round 1 results:

Randy Orton defeats Brutus Beefcake
Booker T defeats Samoa Joe
Chris Jericho defeats Roddy Piper
Randy Savage defeats Kane
Brock Lesnar defeats Rick Rude
Mankind defeats Barry Windham
Andre the Giant defeats Lex Luger
Triple H defeats Cesaro

Now, let's see that McMahon Region Round 2 bracket...

McMahon Region: Round 2

Steve Austin (2) vs. Dolph Ziggler (10)

CM Punk (3) vs. Big Show (11)

Edge (5) vs. Undertaker (4)

Eddie Guerrero (8) vs. Hulk Hogan (1)

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 1: Heyman Region

Welcome back to our own March Madness wrestling tournament, here at!  We've reached the final bracket of the first round, so let's take a look....

First, the results from the Bischoff Region:

Ric Flair defeats Christian
Mr. Perfect defeats Kevin Nash
Ricky Steamboat defeats Jeff Hardy
Shawn Michaels defeats Bray Wyatt
Ultimate Warrior defeats Roman Reigns
Sting defeats Dean Ambrose
Owen Hart defeats Sheamus
John Cena defeats Ted Dibiase

Now for the Heyman Region bracket.

Heyman Region - Round 1

Randy Orton (2) vs. Brutus Beefcake (15)

Samoa Joe (7) vs. Booker T (10)

Chris Jericho (6) vs. Roddy Piper (11)

Randy Savage (3) vs. Kane (14)

Brock Lesnar (4) vs. Rick Rude (13)

Mankind (5) vs. Barry Windham (12)

Andre the Giant (8) vs. Lex Luger (9)

Triple H (1) vs. Cesaro (16)

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WWE FastLane Predictions!!

Welcome once again to's official WWE PPV Predictions, where my associate Dan Moore and I break down the impending WWE PPV offering.

This year WWE opted to discontinue the beloved Elimination Chamber PPV, mostly for logistical reasons; arenas have lately been installing new scoreboard rigs over the center of the floor which makes it damn near impossible to mount the equipment necessary to suspend the 16-ton Chamber structure over the ring.  Sadly it seems the Chamber is a thing of the past.  Damn shame if you ask me.

So in its place is yet another generic PPV format with an even more generic name.  FastLane!  What the shit is that?

As with last year, the 2015 WrestleMania season has been a jumbled mess thus far.  WWE once again opted not to listen to its audience when booking the Royal Rumble, resulting in the Rumble winner being met with a vicious fan backlash, thus forcing adjustments adding Daniel Bryan to the WWE Title picture.  So now much of the intended 'Mania card is up in the air.  Unpredictability in wrestling isn't necessarily a bad thing but WWE frantically reshuffling things makes for a clumsily-executed Road to WrestleMania.  Next time the company should probably just listen to the fans and have the right guy win the Rumble, hmmmm?

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 1: Crockett Region

Welcome back to's Wrestling March Madness Tournament!

Before we move on to The Crockett Region bracket, let's see the results of the Bischoff Region:

Kurt Angle defeats Rusev
British Bulldog defeats Chris Benoit
AJ Styles defeats Bobby Roode
The Rock defeats DDP
Batista defeats Yokozuna
Daniel Bryan defeats JBL
Rey Mysterio defeats Vader
Bret Hart defeats Shelton Benjamin

Now for the next bracket:

Crocket Region Round 1

Ric Flair (2) vs. Christian (15)

Kevin Nash (7) vs. Mr. Perfect (10)

Ricky Steamboat (6) vs. Jeff Hardy (11)

Shawn Michaels (3) vs. Bray Wyatt (14)

Ultimate Warrior (5) vs. Roman Reigns (12)

Sting (4) vs. Dean Ambrose (13)

Sheamus (8) vs. Owen Hart (9)

John Cena (1) vs. Ted Dibiase (16)

Once again, vote for your picks in the Comments section below, or vote in the Facebook thread in which you found this column!  Check back in a few days for the next round!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 1: Bischoff Region

Welcome back gang!  It's time for the next bracket in the first round of the Wrestling March Madness Tournament!

Thanks to all who voted in the first round (incidentally there were reports of issues with the Comments section, so I installed the Disqus comments app which should make it easier).  Alternatively you can vote on the Enuffa Facebook page, or on the page where you originally saw the link to the article.

McMahon Region Results

Steve Austin defeats Sid Vicious
Dolph Ziggler defeats Dusty Rhodes
CM Punk defeats Tito Santana
Big Show defeats Goldberg
Edge defeats Rob Van Dam
Undertaker defeats Scott Hall
Eddie Guerrero defeats Seth Rollins
Hulk Hogan defeats X-Pac

Now for the Bischoff Region:

Bischoff Region: Round 1
Kurt Angle (2) vs. Rusev (15)
Chris Benoit (7) vs. British Bulldog (10)
AJ Styles (6) vs. Bobby Roode (11)
The Rock (3) vs. Diamond Dallas Page (14)
Batista (5) vs. Yokozuna (12)
Daniel Bryan (4) vs. JBL (13)
Vader (8) vs. Rey Mysterio (9)
Bret Hart (1) vs. Shelton Benjamin (16)

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Wrestling March Madness - Round 1 - McMahon Region

Alright everyone, welcome to the 1st Annual Wrestling March Madness.  Yeah, yeah, I know it's not March yet, but since most of March will be occupied with WrestleMania-related columns I thought I'd kick this off early.  It's winter, it's snowing like fucking crazy in New England, and we all need a distraction.  So let's get to it.

I took 64 wrestlers (ahem, sports-entertainers) from various eras and seeded them appropriately (That sounds filthy), and then created brackets based on that.  See the full roster below:

There are four regional brackets: the McMahon Region, the Bischoff Region, the Crockett Region, and the Heyman Region.

Here's a graphic of the McMahon Region bracket:

And here's where you come in - vote below in the comments section, or on Facebook if you prefer (Like us at  I'll tally up the votes and announce the winners in the next column - keep your eyes peeled for the next round here at!

Round 1 - McMahon Region

Steve Austin (2) vs. Sid Vicious (15)

Dusty Rhodes (7) vs. Dolph Ziggler (10)

CM Punk (3) vs. Tito Santana (14)

Goldberg (6) vs. Big Show (11)

Edge (5) vs. Rob Van Dam (12)

Undertaker (4) vs. Scott Hall (13)

Eddie Guerrero (8) vs. Seth Rollins (9)

Hulk Hogan (1) vs. X-Pac (16)

Get votin' and look for the results on Monday 2/16!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dumb Action Movie Reviews: Stretch

Welcome to another installment of Dumb Action Movie Reviews, here at, wherein I, Daniel Moore, traverse the cinematic wonderland that is Netflix, You tube and various other websites looking for action movies removed from the mainstream that probably stink. The ratings are based on 1-4 Indiana Jones whips, as he's the premier action movie character ever and the whip is AWESOME.

Stretch is a 2014 action comedy written & directed by Joe Carnahan, the same dude that did Narc & The A-Team.  The film stars Patrick Wilson, Chris Pine, Ed Helms, Jessica Alba, with Ray Liotta & David Hasselhoff as themselves.