Thursday, May 14, 2015

WWE Payback 2015 Predictions!!!

Jeez, it's already time for another WWE PPV?  Feels like we just had one three weeks ago.  Oh wait.....  And evidently we'll have ANOTHER of these "special events" in two weeks when Elimination Chamber returns.  Both of these events are free this month on WWE Network, cuz Vinny Mac wants to hook ya!

Anyway, Payback looks like a solid if unimportant show.  As of now only six PPV matches and a preshow match have been announced.  I'd love it if they'd keep the lineup to just those six matches.  Big fan of streamlined cards without clutter.  But I'm sure they'll add The Bellas vs. Naomi & Tamina.
***For the 2015 season, Justin leads Dan 11/16 to 10/16.***

Preshow Match: Macho Mandow/Curtis Axel vs. The Ascension
Well they've made perennial midcarders Damien Sandow and Curtis Axel a MegaPowers ripoff of sorts, but this is the most over Axel's ever been, and Sandow can seemingly make any comedy gimmick work.  Too bad they don't care to make Sandow actually relevant.  Speaking of non-relevance, The Ascension is still around.
Justin's pick: MegaPowers 2015 are obviously going over.  The Ascension is all done as far as being a threat to the tag division.
Dan's pick: What is the point of the Ascension? I heard nothing but glowing reviews from their time in NXT and nothing they've done has impressed me. Sure they're being booked as doormats, but they don't wrestle too well when they're given time anyway. Stiffs. Damien FTW.

King Barrett vs. Neville

This was a solid match last month and will be again at Payback.  I'm pleasantly surprised how much action Neville's seeing.  I was afraid he'd go the way of so many other Cruiserweight-types in WWE but he's been booked as an immediate I-C Title contender and has held his own against multiple uppercard guys.  What with Daniel Bryan having to vacate the belt (Goddammit, why can't that guy catch a break???), Neville and Barrett will both undoubtedly be involved in the Chamber match on May 31st, to determine a new Champ.  So both guys need to be protected here.
Justin's pick: Neville beat Barrett at Extreme Rules, but Barrett evened the score in the King of the Ring finals.  I could see either guy winning the Chamber in two weeks, so this is a tough call.  But I'll go with Barrett to win here in a close one.
Dan's pick: The King was just crowned. Gotta let him win. Also, I should retroactively get points for predicting Daniel Bryan was gonna vacate that IC title.  (JB: You actually predicted Barrett would win due to Bryan dropping the Title.  Neither of those things happened at Extreme Rules, so you get nothing.  Beat it!  Scram!)

Bella Twins vs. Naomi & Tamina
(**Not Yet Announced**)
I like the pairing of Naomi and Jimmy Snuka's kid.  Both are fine athletes who can be dominant over the skinnier ladies.  This should be fine if given ten minutes or so.
Justin's pick: Naomi and Snuka, to set them both up as challengers for Nikki
Dan's pick: Bellas

Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Their Extreme Rules match was short but solid.  Ziggler won in an upset but spent much of the bout getting his arse kicked.  Hopefully this'll get more time than their first match.
Justin's pick: Gotta go with Sheamus to win this one
Dan's pick: Sheamus just got back, he needs a win after already losing in the previous PPV

WWE Tag Team Title 2/3 Falls Match: The New Day vs. Cesaro/Kidd

I love this idea.  These two teams stole the show last month, and given the 2/3 Falls format they should have no trouble doing so again.  The New Day have become one of my favorite acts since their heel turn.  I love douchebag heels that manage to repeatedly escape comeuppance.  If the company sticks with this feud and creates a few more teams we could see another resurgence in the tag division.
Justin's pick: I'm going with The New Day to retain in some sort of underhanded fashion, particularly since they'll be defending the belts again at Chamber, inside the demonic structure.  OH MAH GAHD!!!
Dan's pick: I also enjoy this iteration of the New Day much better than whatever lame-o happy fellows they were playing before. They'll retain.

Bray Wyatt vs. Ryback

This is an intriguing pairing.  Nice to see Wyatt finally feuding with a full-time roster member again.  Christ, it's been what, five months since his feud with Ambrose ended?  This should be a nice opportunity for Ryback to prove that he's growing as an in-ring performer as well.  Could be a sleeper hit of a match. 
Justin's pick: Wyatt needs a big win after losing to the 50-year-old Mark Calaway at 'Mania.
Dan's pick: Bray. His character is getting stale though. He comes on TV and says a Buncha creepy shit each week and then...nothing really. He has had no real motivations in any of his feuds.

US Title 'I Quit' Match: John Cena vs. Rusev

For the fourth consecutive month Cena and Rusev are fighting.  This feud should've been over at Extreme Rules, and now they've painted themselves into a corner where Rusev really shouldn't be losing three in a row, but he probably will.  John Cena's just begun to revitalize the US Title and I love the weekly Open Challenges.  They ensure a solid RAW match every week and help elevate someone new.  I'm not sure where Rusev goes from here, but WWE is clearly positioning Lana to turn babyface and become a major ambassador-type character for mainstream audiences.
Justin's pick: Cena retains, Lana turns good, Rusev moves on to someone he can actually beat.
Dan's pick: I have no idea why they're gonna let Rusev lose again after building him up brilliantly for a year but hey...Cena's got shirts to sell.

WWE Title Fatal 4-Way Match: Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton vs. Roman Reigns vs. Dean Ambrose

This should be a highly entertaining clusterfuck of a match.  For the first time all three former Shield members will be competing for the WWE Title at the same time.  There's rumors flying that The Shield will reunite and turn against Orton but I don't see that happening at all.  It would make no sense.  Though The Authority faction desperately needs some young secondary stars to become Rollins' enforcers.  I'd suggest Sheamus and Barrett myself.
Justin's pick: Rollins once again escapes with a cheap win, adding to his awesome douchebag heel Title run (Told ya I love douchebag heels).
Dan's pick: Rollins and his AWESOME entrance music will take it down.

That'll wrap it up for our Payback picks.  See you again in two weeks for our Elimination Chamber preview, here at!

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