Friday, January 15, 2016

Cris Carter, Chandler Jones, and ESPN Hypocrisy

by Dan Moore

In which a few disgusted Pats fan discuss ESPN and their suckage.

DAN: Earlier this week, Patriots defensive end Chandler Jones was subdued at the Foxboro police station for...something. It’s kinda not too clear. It may have been synthetic marijuana, it may not have. The details are sketchy at this point. Jones clearly did something newsworthy and it seems the Foxboro cops tried to cover it up initially. That's completely worthy of coverage. ESPN talking head and notorious drug-taker Cris Carter took it upon himself to decide what drug Jones may have ingested.

Get a load of this. ESPN has no problem telling us Jones was high on illegal drugs. The fact is they're raking him over the coals, insinuating he was using 80s street drugs, but they wouldn't even venture to guess that HGH prescribed illegally to Ashley Manning that was shipped illegally over state lines may have been for an aging QB that was coming back from major neck surgery. They wouldn't connect those dots. At all.

He's crying cuz Jones did all the PCP

BRANDON: Cris Carter is incapable of forming actual sentences. I'll never understand how he makes a living by TALKING. Not that he's splitting the atom, but a guy like Keyshawn Johnson can at least talk cohesively.

Jones did something stupid. No matter what that was getting some news coverage. But synthetic pot is a real thing, and so is people having messed-up reactions to it. To suggest he did something else is dangerous and is close to defamation.

Aside from it all, Jones is a moron for even trying something like that at this point in the season. But on the other hand, these guys are handed painkillers like they're candy. So real pot being illegal is somewhat laughable when these guys have carte blanche with opiates.

SCOTT: Why are these guys on TV?  At the very least can someone have the guts to tell them "You have no idea what you're talking about?"  Someone needs to make them look stupid to their face on the air. Then maybe they'll stop saying dumb stuff.

DAN: He’s right. Most of these mush heads on TV are so dumb that you need a remedial English course after watching them just to re-grasp the English language. Until ESPN figures out how to be fair and impartial journalists again, it’s a station to be avoided at all costs.

MIGGSY: I totally agree.

DAN:...uh...thanks Mike.

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