Monday, July 23, 2018

Brewery Reviewery: One Love Brewery (Lincoln, NH)

Welcome to another Brewery Reviewery here at, where I sample some local beer flavor and tell you all what I think.

One Love Brewery
25 South Mountain Rd Unit 4
Lincoln, NH 03251

My latest brewery visit took place at One Love Brewery in Lincoln, NH, on the main drag through town, just off of 93.  The family and I had just taken in a movie and wanted to grab a bite for lunch, and I wanted to drink some goddamn beers.

One Love is a German-style pub with a traditional feel; lots of wood with an open, multi-floor seating plan and 19th century decor; a very welcoming atmosphere.  The food there is your typical pub fare, with lots of comfort food options plus German favorites like pretzels with beer cheese and spicy mustard (We had a serving of those and they were quite tasty).  I wasn't super hungry so I just had a garden salad for my lunch entree, and it was actually very nice.  I do love me some balsamic dressing.

But beer is the reason I'm here, so let's get to that.

One Love had six offerings on tap, with the convenient option of a six-beer flight, allowing me to try 'em all.  I assume the roster changes with the seasons, as most of these were pretty summery and light.  I'll include their official descriptions, followed by my notes.

Northern Light Helles: This Helles is our lightest beer yet!  A Bavarian light lager made with two-row barley and white winter wheat.  With a touch of hops this beer has a crisp, clean finish.

JB: This one was an easy, refreshing lager with a very balanced flavor and a light color.

Czech Your Head Pilsner: With a golden hue and a full-bodied flavor, this beer delivers hoppy goodness.

JB: This was my favorite of the bunch, and while billed as a pilsner, seemed to be brewed with Hefeweizen yeast, making it kind of a hybrid.  This was light and crisp but had a touch of citrus.  I ordered a full pour after the flight.

Dortmunder Export: With more body than the Northern Light, this beer is dry and crisp with a nice bitterness backbone.  Super easy to drink and fall in love with.

JB: Slightly more bitter finish than the Czech, but still very easy-drinkin'.

Amber Lager: Rich and malty.  Classic smooth taste.  All the roasted flavor, none of the bitterness.

JB: This was super smooth and balanced with a slight malt-forward taste.

Summer Bock: Golden stronger later.  Smooth with a subtled hop finish.  Little dry-hopped with German Spalt hops.

JB: This had a lightly bitter finish but was otherwise very smooth as well.

Munich Dunkel: A true Bavarian Dunkel with rich, deep garnet color and smooth semi-chocolate finish.  All the roasted flavor, none of the bitterness.

JB: My second-favorite of the visit, this one had a subtle Hefe yeast flavor and a bit of a cocoa note at the end.  Not the most flavorful dunkel I've had but quite enjoyable.

So yeah, One Love's beers are hardly the boldest you'll ever have, and they're deeply rooted in simple, traditional German style, but that's just fine with me as a lover of German beers.  I'd like to see them introduce an actual Hefeweizen (Maybe they have one during the fall season?) and something darker, but there's plenty of easy-to-drink session beers on offer.  Plus the food is quite solid.

If you're in the Lincoln, NH area, stop by One Love Brewery!

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