Thursday, February 22, 2024

WWE Elimination Chamber 2024 Preview & Predictions

Sigh....I'm not sure why I'm still covering WWE PPVs right now given how much awful shit has come out about that company and some of the people still working there, but here we go....

This Saturday the Elimination Chamber emanates from Perth, Australia, and like the Royal Rumble the card consists of the two gimmick matches plus two other matches.  As usual the Chamber matches will be a rather toothless affair since there's no blood allowed and the company substitutes weapons and occasional high spots for brutality, but there's enough talent in both matches that they should be pretty entertaining.  Aside from that we have a women's title match with a forgone conclusion, and a tag title match with a forgone conclusion (though that one should be excellent).

Let's take a look.

WWE Tag Team Championship: Finn Balor & Damian Priest vs. Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

Thank Christ Pete Dunne gets to use his real ring name again.  That "Butch" stuff was fucking stupid.  Because most of Vince's creative ideas are fucking stupid.  Fuck that guy for all eternity.  Sorry, back on track.  This should be a helluva match; the challengers are fantastic wrestlers and the champs aren't too shabby either.  In fact I'd be shocked if this doesn't steal the show.  Give these guys 15-20 minutes and let 'em fly.

Pick: Champs obviously retain

Women's Championship: Rhea Ripley vs. Nia Jax

Christ, with this Nia Jax push.  As near as I can tell she hasn't made any real effort to improve since being let go a few years back.  But whatever, Ripley will look that much stronger after beating her.  By the way I was now years old when I found out Nia was born in Australia.  Guess that's why this match is happening here.

Pick: Ripley retains

Women's Elimination Chamber: Becky Lynch vs. Bianca Belair vs. Liv Morgan vs. Tiffany Stratton vs. Naomi vs. Raquel Rodriguez

This is a pretty stacked Chamber lineup actually; you have two main eventers, two other former champs and two athletic up-and-comers.  I'm interested to see how Tiffany in particular does as she's extremely promising.  It's going to come down to the two big names though, as either one could have a top-level WrestleMania match with Ripley.  Ripley vs. Bianca is the one I'd really like to see, but all signs point to Rhea vs. Becky as the match, so Becky likely wins here.

Pick: Becky

Men's Elimination Chamber: Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton vs. LA Knight vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Logan Paul vs. Kevin Owens

This is about one guy and one guy alone: Drew McIntyre.  Apparently Drew still hasn't signed a new WWE deal yet but that hasn't stopped them from continuing to focus on him as one of RAW's most compelling figures.  Seth vs. Drew isn't a new matchup but it should deliver big for WrestleMania, whether Drew stays with the company or not.  As for this Chamber, it should be solid with this much talent.  Logan will provide some memorable spots, no doubt.  Orton will hit some crazy RKO outta nowhere.  Knight will do....whatever it is Knight does that people love so much.  But Drew's clearly winning.

Pick: Drew

On paper it's a good lineup.  Both Chambers should deliver.  The tag title match should be great.  The Ripley-Jax match a match.  WWE's front office needs to be cleaned the fuck out, and that's up to and including Nick Khan and Paul Levesque if they knew and did nothing.  

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