Thursday, May 9, 2024

NJPW Resurgence 2024 Preview & Predictions

This Saturday it's yet another NJPW Strong-branded PPV, this one emanating from Ontario, CA!

It's time for NJPW Resurgence, featuring some filler in the first half of the card but some fine stuff on the backend, including an important IWGP Title defense for Jon Moxley, against his protégé.  I'll just make predictions for the six important bouts.  Of note: Mustafa Ali vs. Lio Rush is for some reason relegated to the pre-show.  Punishment for Ali acting like a prima donna and refusing to lose (even though he was a jobber in WWE)?  Who knows?  Let's get after it....

Strong Women's Championship: Stephanie Vaquer vs. Alex Windsor

After seeing Stephanie's title defense in Chicago last month, I am 100% sold on this Chilean superstar in the making.  Steph has IT, and I'm invested.  Alex Windsor for those who don't know, is Will Ospreay's fiancée, in one of the bigger matches of her career thus far.  I expect Stephanie will retain but this should be fun.

Pick: Vaquer retains

Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Not sure what the story is with this match yet again, but it should be solid, even if Tanahashi's lower half is held together with staples and Krazy Glue.  I'm also not sure why Zack won the title at Windy City Riot only to lose it in his first defense a couple weeks later.  Zack needs the win.

Pick: ZSJ

NJPW TV Championship: Jeff Cobb vs. Lance Archer

Here's a big "meat" match, two big burly dudes taking stiff shots at each other.  The TV Title time limit will work well too, since this pairing doesn't need to go 20 minutes to make an impression.  I don't expect yet another title change, so I'll go with Cobb.

Pick: Cobb retains

NEVER Openweight Championship: Shingo Takagi vs. Yuya Uemura

I like this matchup a lot.  The veteran bruiser vs. one of the company's heirs-apparent.  I could see this match stealing the show.  I think Shingo probably holds onto this title longer as he just won it at Sakura Genesis.

Pick: Shingo retains

Strong Openweight Championship No Ropes Match: Eddie Kingston vs. Gabe Kidd

I would probably pick Kidd to win this and be the only title change on the show if Kidd's team didn't just beat Eddie's in Chicago.  Since Eddie picked this specific match type I'd be surprised if he came up short a second time in a row.  But I've certainly been wrong before.  This will be brutal.

Pick: Eddie retains

IWGP World Championship: Jon Moxley vs. Shota Umino

I'm very much looking forward to this one; we haven't seen these two lock horns since Shota was still wearing black trunks.  I would've thought they'd save this match for Dominion or Forbidden Door and have Umino finally win the big one, but apparently this company is STILL not ready to pull the trigger on the next class of top guys.  Is Mox just keeping this title warm so Naito can win it back?  Because that's weak.  Anyway this'll be great.

Pick: Mox retains

Not as strong a lineup as Chicago but this show should be plenty of fun and give us a better idea of what's in store for Dominion and FD24.

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