Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Parents' Night In #53: Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)

GROOVY BABY, YEAAAHH!  Get ready to board the spiraly time machine and travel back to the swingin' 60s as Justin & Kelly watch the second Austin Powers movie!  Starring Mike Myers, Mike Myers, Mike Myers, and Heather Graham, The Spy Who Shagged Me is our favorite of the three Powers films, where the filmmakers went full-on screwball comedy.  Joining Austin Powers and his nemesis Dr. Evil are Mike Myers' third character Fat Bastard, Austin's new love interest and fellow spy Felicity Shagwell, and of course the diminutive Mini-Me, played by the late Verne Troyer.  Austin Powers 2 is arguably the most quotable of the three films and for us captures the series' hallmarks perfectly.  We'll discuss the film, the fashion of both the 60s and the 90s, the genius of Mike Myers and his characters, and Kelly's confusing film rating system (It gets weird).


So fasten up those love beads and join us for some fun!
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