Thursday, July 23, 2020

Parents' Night In #41: The Fugitive (1993)

Kelly and Justin love Harrison Ford, and it's summer, so we're watching one of his great summer films, The Fugitive!  Released in 1993 and co-starring Tommy Lee Jones and Julianne Moore, The Fugitive is a taut action thriller about a wrongly convicted doctor on the run from the authorities and trying to clear his name.  We'll talk about the film, Chicago, the Chicago accent (Justin has a lot of fun with this), and our difficulty stringing together coherent sentences at times.  This episode eventually got out of control like the derailed train in The Fugitive!  Check it out...

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Intro/Outro music is a clip of "Two Princes" by Spin Doctors.  Chicago flyover footage from Kino Library at

Parody lyrics:

One two
Prisoners escaped from
The bus and train wreck

Kimble found bad samples
Made for Provasic

They sent
A one armed man to kill him
Instead  he killed Helen

Oh no
Doc Kimble's on the run now
He ain't no felon

Justin B and Kelly B
We are drinkin booze in front of our TV
We like makin jokes about old movies so
Join us for some PNI with her and me

One two
Movie buffs are drinkin'
And watchin' films now

Is one, the other's Justin
We're talkin' films now

More jokes than you can handle
Like bad joke titans

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