Monday, June 13, 2016

Game Of Thrones Season Six, Episode 8 ("No One")

by Dan Moore

Well, that was pointless. Not this latest hour of GoT. There was some intrigue, plot development and heads getting torn asunder of bodies. That was good stuff. No, I’m talking about Arya and the end of her journey in Braavos. Seriously, what was the point? For the last two plus years we have watched this young lady get trained to be a part of some weirdo no-faced assassin cult and now she’s just…not. Seems like it was an enormous waste of time for us viewers. There better be a much bigger payoff from this storyline down the stretch.

This is the only Faceless Man I trust

The real meat of the episode was watching the Hound dispense some barbaric justice all over the renegade Brothers without Banners. He chopped off heads, dicks, whatever was readily available to be severed from the scumbags that killed his friends. Towards the end of his walking revenge tour, he bumps into his former enemies, Beric Dondarrion and Thoros Of Myr. They all seem to be getting along now, as they convince the Hound to join up with them. The Hound is in a much more mellow mood these days, his Voorhees-like massacre notwithstanding, and he tags along with this bunch of merry men. They’re off to God knows where at this point but I like where this plot is going.

Meanwhile, back in King’s Landing, it seems we will not be getting our dream matchup of Clegane v Zombie Clegane, as King Tommen has ruled Trial by Combat illegal now! Cersei done lost her superhuman dead man security guard. The High Sparrow is being quite the puppet master behind the scenes, getting Tommen to bend to all his requests. One has to wonder if Tommen is gonna stick with this decree though. Does he really not care about his Mom that much anymore?

Beat it punk, ya bother me!
(I would never say this to his putrid, frightening face) 


---Oh look in Mereen, the masters come in their ships for their slaves but lo and behold the deus ex machina of the series shows up just in time. Take a bow, Drogon, you’re not at all predictable. It was so obvious that dragon was gonna show up. Where are my surprise plot twists nowadays?

---Also in Mereen, Varis leaves his little friend Tyrion to head off to Westeros to drum up some support. It was a scene that should’ve been more touching, as these two have become real pals, but it was played off like two dudes sending back fish in a restaurant.

---And finally, The Riverrun conflict came to an end, with Brienne showing up, making nicey nice with Jaime, trying to make nicey nice with the Black Fish, but in the end, Edmure Tully takes his rightful place as Lord of Riverrun, and it seems the only casualty was the Black Fish. Again…why did this plot play out? No battle, no one of true consequence perished…just odd. Tis a shame too, cause I liked the Black Fish and he was barely used. Such a shame.

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