Wednesday, November 25, 2015

NFL Pick 'em: Thanksgiving Edition

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to a special holiday edition of NFL Pick 'em. Before you hork down pounds of turkey & gravy drenched side dishes, why not take a little taste of some lousy picks by myself, Miggsy & B-Cuddy? Here we go.

Dan's Picks

Philadelphia @ Detroit (Pick ‘Em) THE PICK - WATCH SOMETHING ELSE
Holy shit, what an awful game this is gonna be. Seriously. Butt Fumble master Mark Sanchez is getting another start for the hapless birds, and the only guy in town with a bigger head than Charlie Brown, Matt Stafford, continues to suck it up for the Lions.

Turning this game on your television is possibly the meanest thing you could do to your family on this holiday, short of not making mashed potatoes for dinner (thanks Uncle Benny). I have zero confidence in either of these teams. You should watch the turkey cook instead of this nonsense. Gun to my head…DETROIT

Miggsy's Picks

The week of Thanksgiving typically starts the holiday shopping season which reminds me of B-Cuddy’s infamous scarf story and I laugh and laugh. I wonder how many scarves he’s going to get her this year? He’s been with her for a while so like 5 scarves?

Like Pokémon, ya gotta catch 'em all

Danny and I are headed to Denver for the weekend. We gunna get the good kush, bubba.

Carolina Panthers @ Dallas Cowboys +1.5 PICK: PANTHERS -1.5
Dallas needs this game so bad to stay relevant in the playoff picture so I do think they will give the Panthers everything they can handle. Romo will be better this week but I still give the edge to the Panthers D. Carolina runs the ball every play which should mitigate the impact of that scumbag domestic assault freak, Hardy. Cam Newton is playing really well. I expect him to bust out some really elaborate end-zone celebrations knowing that the whole country is watching. They win by three.

This is going to be a high scoring game. I see it as a 27-24 type of game

Brandon's Picks

B-Cuddy’s Turkey Pick of the Week:
Chicago @ Green Bay (-8.5) – The Pick: BEARS +8.5

If you wanna get a look at a coupla turkeys, just take a look at Danny & Miggs (ROASTED). Seriously though, looking at them does remind me of Thanksgiving. Miggsy has a striking resemblance to a bowl of mashed potatoes.
Live look at Miggsy

And I think Danny’s head is filled with squash and cranberry sauce. Good thing his lady is accustomed to working in bogs.

Anyways, back to football. I fully expect Green Bay to win this game. But 8.5 points is too much for a division game. The Bears are mediocre at best, but Green Bay just isn’t as good as in years past. Plus, it’s looking like Bears are getting Jeffrey & Forte back which all of a sudden makes Cutler look competent. This game will be close. I’m thinking score will be GB 31-Chi 27. So take the points.

O/U 3 full plates I’ll consume on Thanksgiving – The Pick: HAMMER THE OVER

I would set the bar higher but this is probably around the yearly average. This year the bird stands no chance though. I’m already hungry for it and its Wednesday. I might be drinking the gravy before the night is over.

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