Monday, July 18, 2016

5 Things I Want Out of the 2016 WWE Draft

by Landon Wayne

The WWE draft is Tuesday, the brands are finally splitting once again. Great news, right? Well, I’ve long since lost most of my faith in WWE at this point, at least in the terms of long-term planning. Everyone from Dave “The most legitimate voice in wrestling today” Meltzer, to Adam “the real voice of Whatculture” Blampied have given their opinions on how the draft should go. I figured I, an amateur armchair booker, have as much right as anyone else to talk about what I want to see. So, in the second edition of what I hope becomes a real shtick, I present you with the 5 things I want to see come out of the WWE draft.

1) The splitting of Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens

This one is the easiest. Their match at Battleground is touted as their “final confrontation”, like the ones they’ve had at least three times before. The feud between Sami and Kevin needs to stop before it gets stale, and this is the easiest and most obvious time to do it. The pair splits, and we don’t have them touch for years.

2) AJ Styles and Finn Balor on the same show

Think about the moment it would bring on Smackdown. AJ and the Club standing I the ring, having been drafted earlier to, say, Raw. Victorious over some group of three, they’re celebrating when the lights go out. The place stays dark for 30 seconds, when on the titantron, the words flash up, slowly.

The reaction would be epic. Finn comes out with a Raw shirt under his jacket, it could set up either an alliance, or a feud between Finn and his former Club. It writes itself.

3) Splitting Colin Cassidy and Enzo Amore

This might be my most unconventional of my points, but hear me out. I’ve seen Cassidy wrestling on his own, back in 2014 when Enzo was out with a yearlong injury in NXT. He has as much charisma as Enzo does, with a really good work rate. Keeping the pair together would be okay, but using them on different brands could prove to be best for both men. You could put Enzo with anyone, and you can have the same formula for his matches as you have now with Cassidy. Cassidy, however, can work on his own and still produce good matches, face or heel. It’s been hinted that teams will split tomorrow, so we’ll see if they are one of them.

4) Title Belts NOT Drafted

What I mean by this is, I don’t want either Commisioner to say “Oh, well I want to draft The Miz, so now I have the Intercontinental Title belt on Smackdown! Ha HA!” The belts should not be the focus of why someone gets drafted. You should want The Miz, or Dean Ambrose, or Rusev, because of the athlete they are, not the belt they’re holding at the time. He focus of this draft should be on the people, not their situation. Besides, I expect that EVERY match at Battleground will end up being Raw vs. Smackdown! If they want the belts on the different shows, it can be moved around there.

5) Travelling WWE Champion

We don’t have enough contenders for two World Titles. It’s just the fact at this point. Besides Ambrose the Champion, we have Rollins, Reigns, Cena, Orton whenever he comes back, MAYBE AJ, and Brock for when he wants to grab a paycheck. It just wouldn’t be worth it, or feasible in my opinion, to have two World Championships on the two shows. The WWE Champion should travel between shows, defending the belt once a month at one of the monthly PPVs. In the meantime, take measures to recover the US and IC titles. Maybe the Tag belts main event. Have number-one contender matches. But there shouldn’t be two world titles.

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