Thursday, July 14, 2016

Deflategate is Back…and Tom Brady Gets Boned

by Dan Moore (@SouthieDanimal) & Brandon Cuddemi

DAN: Brandon and I don’t have much to say about this subject anymore. It’s all legal mumbo jumbo at this point. It hasn’t been about whether or not Tom Brady was involved in some cockamamie ball deflating scheme (He wasn’t) since the beginning. It was at first about taking the best organazaton in sports down a few levels but has since become about the Commissioner being able to get away with whatever he wants according to the powers granted him in the CBA.

Legal brief excitement! Catch it!

BRANDON: Goodell's disciplinary power and that process will get shredded in the next CBA for sure. But there's nothing to be done about it now. Labor and arbitration law will always have battles...but the CBA the NFL and player’s union have is atrocious. They fucked themselves. And Tom Brady is paying for it. HARD.

DAN: it’s a shame that gorgeous, beautiful man is the sacrificial lamb in this farce of a process. And now his only recourse is to take it to the Supreme Court. I love the Patriots. I love number 12. But it’s quite the bizarro world we live in where the final course of action is to take a case that was initially about AIR IN FOOTBALLS to the highest court in the land. That’s right. Plessy v. Ferguson. Roe v. Wade. The NFL v. SCIENCE.

BRANDON: I don't know of anyone who thinks this nonsense belongs in the goddamn Supreme Court. But it is pretty screwed up that it doesn't matter that SCIENCE can prove that there was no conspiracy, and therefore, the act for which the punishment was handed out didn't actually take place. That literally doesn't matter in these hearings, because a court of law only cares if an actual law was broken. So the 197 judges (approximate) that have reviewed this case can only look at the language in the CBA agreement pertaining to the fairness of the agreed arbitration process. Incredibly, Goodell is allowed to appoint himself the arbitrator of a decision HE MADE. How the FUCK did the players union let that happen? So the whole "fairness" portion of the process is now left up to interpretation. I have a hard time seeing how anyone would think the process was fair, but the court doesn't want to set a precedent here, and in turn, shred the contract that is the CBA. So unfortunately, that lying asshole is going to be able to do this kind of stuff until the current CBA expires. Which isn't until 2020. Because there was no opt-out clause negotiated when they signed it in 2011. I just hope the Players Union got to wear a pretty dress and go to a fancy restaurant before the Owners left them in shambles on a Motel 6 floor.

Where the NFLPA gave up its cherry on prom night.

DAN: The fairness was never fair. The science was never…scienced. From the get-go, it has been a farce, laid down on a foundation of NFL lies. And now these lies could potentially end up in the Supreme Court. What a great time we live in. I hold out little hope that Brady gets to play the first four games without a stay from the courts. That I have to write that sentence when discussing football is a tragedy. I used to talk about inside linebackers and how much the Jets suck. Now I’m discussing legal briefs and second circuit courts. I hate what the NFL has done to a great sport. Who wants to tailgate at the Supreme Court with me?

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