Monday, August 27, 2018

Brewery Reviewery: Throwback Brewery (North Hampton, NH)

Welcome to another edition of Brewery Reviewery here at!  This past weekend we ventured up to North Hampton, NH to check out Throwback Brewery for some libations and good eats.

Throwback Brewery
7 Hobbs Rd
North Hampton, NH

Located at historic Hobbs Farm, the all-women-owned Throwback makes use of all local ingredients to brew their beer and create a tasty menu of comfort foods.  The tasting room/restaurant is inside the old farmhouse and has a welcoming rustic feel.  There's also an outside seating area for those warm summer nights.  Visitors can seat themselves, fill out an order form for both food and drinks, and submit it at the bar for quick service.  Orders are named after whatever bobblehead toy the bartender gives you (in my case it was Superman).  Plus the background music consisted of a classic rock playlist featuring The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Elton John, among others.  Hard to go wrong there.

The food menu includes starter plates, sandwiches, rice bowls and salads, all reasonably priced.  Not wanting to gorge myself on food that day I went with the maple-braised carnitas tacos, stuffed with shredded beef, goat cheese yogurt, pickled shallots, cabbage, cilantro, and jack cheese.  These were deeply flavorful and textured, and hit the spot nicely.

My wife had the grilled cheese (made adult-sized from the kids' menu) with a side of sweet potato fries and honey mustard.  I only had a bite of that but it was buttery and delicious.  And terrible for me I'm sure.

I love me some tacos

For drinks we each had a 4-beer sampler with three common choices.

Mine consisted of Rhubarb Wit (a Belgian White ale), Oma's Tribute (black lager), Stout #3, and Hobbs Farmhouse Saison.  Kelly had the Wit, Stout and Farmhouse but also went with Oh Snap, a ginger molasses porter.

The Rhubarb Wit was light and crisp with a hint of citrus.  It was a little weak on the distinctive Wyeast flavor you usually get in a Belgian White, but this was an easy-drinking beer.

Oma's Tribute boasted an interesting dichotomy of being crisp and light but also rich in flavor, with hints of cocoa mixed with a slightly bitter finish.

I love me some beer even more.

Stout #3 has strong roasted grain flavors with a smooth texture and also a slightly bitter finish - unusually light on its feet for a stout.

My favorite of the day was the Hobbs Farmhouse, which had that Wyeast scent and flavor in front but gave way to a hoppy, carbonated finish reminiscent of a Belgian IPA.

The Oh Snap was an unusual combination, a dark beer that was fairly light tasting, more molasses than ginger.

All told though I enjoyed all five beers on some level and would've loved to stay for a second sampler (Throwback had what appeared to be 14 beers to choose from).

I could easily see myself visiting again - it's near my parents' house, there's plenty of beer to try (with a rotating seasonal selection), and a fairly robust food menu, plus the atmosphere is very relaxed and inviting.  On select weeknights they bring in acoustic live music, and there's an occasional comedy night.

If you're in the North Hampton area, be sure to check out Throwback Brewery - perhaps I'll see you there!  Follow us on Facebook, MeWe and Twitter!

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