Friday, March 9, 2018


And now we turn the floor over to our insane friend, Scotty Pickles, discussing the greatest songs ever. All typos preserved in their original packaging. 

A real top 10 songs list. No opinion just facts..........

10.) Revolution- The Beatles

This song is a true great from John’s vocals to George’s grinding guitar the song speaks to every generation that feels the need to revolt. And I mean revolting for the right reasons, like fighting agents an oppressive government, and not sitting on a lawn crying because no one is hiring people with degrees in archaeology.

9.) Stairway to Heaven-Led Zeppelin 

Where do I begin with this classic? This isn’t a stairway it’s a roller coaster of tempo and sound. The song has three sections, each one progressively increasing in tempo and volume. The song begins in a slow tempo with acoustic instruments (guitar and recorders) before introducing electric instruments. The final section is an hard rock anthem with Jimmy Paige’s classic hard rock guitar and Robert Plant’s screeching vocals.

8.) The Star Bangles Banner-Sir Frances Scott Key

This is my favorite song of all time. It’s not number one because I’m taking my opinion and preference out of this list and only giving you the hard truth. Unlike some people who post “Best” and “Greatest” lists and it’s nothing but their opinions.

7. ) With Out ME-Eminem

During a crazy time in our history, our best golfer was black and our best rapper was white. Eminem hit it out of the park with this little ditty, for shizzy my nizzys for realzies…I think that’s how you say it. Brandon help me out……

6. ) Hulk Hogan’s Entrance Theme Real American

Rick Derringer: Dillinger only needed one shot and Derringer only needed this. This is an epic onslaught of raw American emotion. Never before this has a song embodied every felling of a true American. You can’t help but stand and salute to this master piece. It would even make the farthest left wing democrat vote for Trump if he chose this as his running song.

5.) The theme song to Jem and the Holograms-Jem and the Holograms

NO I’m not talking about the 2015 live action movie which look terrible from the trailers and legit NO ONE SAW.  I’m talking about the 80’s cartoon with the big hair, make-up, and the battle of the bands that always seemed to take place in every episode.  It’s because of this cartoon I discovered I liked girls


It’s so great in its simplicity. Once I hear it I know I’m in for some terrific programming from America’s most watch station.

3.) Anything By Daft Punk-Daft Punk 

I couldn’t come up with just one song by this duo. Their songs are easy to remember because they only have a few words. Except 'Technology' that has quite a few.  Every song is better than the last and the world rewarded them last year with ALBUM OF THE YEAR, Beating out the likes of Taylor Swift, Beyonce, and Kanye.

2.) BYE BYE BYE-Nsync 

The first single of the their sophomore album No Strings Attached help launch the album to first-week sales of 2.4 million copies, setting the record for one-week sales in the country; a record that lasted 15 years. According to Wikipedia

It went on to sell seven-times platinum on April 19, 2000, becoming the highest-certified single disc album in the initial RIAA audit in that year. It broke the record previously set in 1993 by Whitney Houston's The Bodyguard soundtrack, which was certified six-times platinum in the RIAA's first audit.[34] The album shipped 10 million copies domestically in 2000 alone, of which 9,936,104 were sold, according to Nielsen Soundscan.[35] This made No Strings Attached the bestseller album in 2000 in the United States.[36] At the end of the decade, No Strings Attached led as the second top-selling album with 11,112,000 units sold, according to the list released by Nielsen SoundScan on December 8, 2009.[37] Worldwide "No Strings Attached" sold 13.2 million copies in 2000 and was the 4th best selling album worldwide.

That’s better than Metallica, Iron Madien, Anthrax, Slayer, and Megadeath combined.

1.) Mirrors-Justin Timberlake

There is nothing I can say about this instant classic that would give it any justice. So just go right now and take a listen. 

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